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5 Tummy Tuck Myths You Should Know About

5 Tummy Tuck Myths

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to streamline your abdomen, eliminating unwanted extra skin and fat. There is a lot of misinformation out there about this procedure and here are a few myths that you may have encountered:

Myth #1: Scars From A Tummy Tuck Are Appalling

While some people are a higher risk for developing bad scars, most scars from a tummy tuck heal very nicely and mature into fine lines, easily concealable within the underwear line.

It is also important that your surgeon has experience in creating a belly button that looks natural and is not too small and not too large. Done well, the scar within the belly button should be completely hidden and eventually imperceptible.

Myth #2: Liposuctions And Tummy Tucks Do The Same Thing

Liposuction and tummy tuck both function to contour the body, providing a more youthful and hour-glass figure. However, liposuction is typically used in people who have good skin tone with minimal to no redundant skin. It can often be combined with a tummy tuck in order to further enhance the result.

Liposuction will not remove or improve redundant skin from either pregnancy or massive weight loss. For these patients, a tummy tuck is the best option and can also tighten stretched-out abdominal muscles.

Myth #3: It’s Not Safe To Get Pregnant After Having a Tummy Tuck

While many surgeons suggest only getting a tummy tuck once you’re finished having children, it’s still safe to become pregnant after the surgery has been completed. There have been no proven risks discovered in mothers who became pregnant after a tummy tuck. However, pregnancy may create a stretching out of your tummy tuck results and potentially require that you undergo surgery again in order to correct the problem.

Myth #4: It Will Solve All Your Weight Problems

A tummy tuck can never substitute for diet and exercise and should not be considered a weight loss surgery. Designed as more of a contour-enhancing surgery, it is best performed in those people who have already reached their desired weight, but have excess skin that is loose and sagging.

What a tummy tuck can do for you is to tighten your abdominal skin and muscles, contouring your body to help you achieve a natural and more youthful hour-glass shape.