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Dr. Lee’s Tips for Your First Surgical Consultation

Tips for Your First Surgical ConsultationWe get that it can be intimidating to take that leap into cosmetic surgery. You’ve thought long and hard about what you want to get done, whether that’s a breast augmentation or a complete Mommy Makeover, but you still have concerns about getting the procedure done. The best thing to do in this case is to visit a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Jonathan Lee.

“I think the most difficult part of any plastic surgery consultation is simply coming in for the consultation,” says Dr. Lee. “A lot of people find it intimidating to go for a plastic surgery consultation and reasonably so, but you have to realize you’re not alone.”

At the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery, we provide you with a safe place to discuss any issues, concerns or problems that might have been barriers to pursuing medical aesthetics. During a consultation, it is our team’s job to educate and hopefully provide solutions to any of these concerns.

For anyone hoping to visit the clinic for a surgical consultation, Dr. Lee has three tips he hopes will reduce the intimidation factor and help us help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Be Prepared:

“Do your research, make sure you take enough time to actually research who your surgeon is, what their qualifications are if they have any good before and after photos as well as looking at the reviews you want to feel as if you know that surgeon before you even enter into the room.”

Be Specific:

“A lot of patients will come in and they’ll have this massive shopping list of things they want to be done and it’s important to prioritize what is your number one, number two, and number three. The other thing is to have a photo with you that most clearly demonstrates what you’re looking for and what you would like to achieve. A picture says a thousand words and by bringing in a picture, we as the surgeon can decide if that’s something that’s realistically possible for us to achieve for you.”

Be Open-Minded to Alternatives:

“We have a lot of patients that may be very fixed on an idea of a procedure that they feel would work best for them when, in reality, a completely different procedure might be a better option, providing a better result for them. An example of this would be in the case of breast augmentation where some women may look on the Internet and find breast sizes, shapes, types of implants that they find really appealing on certain types of patients.

They may bring the in those photos and say, look, I want a certain type and size of the implant. What they’re not factoring in is the proportions of that patient, meaning the height, the weight, the body proportion, hip to waist to bust ratio, and their proportions may be entirely different from that other patient’s proportions. It’s important to realize that what implant looks great on that patient may look entirely different on them.

So, when you come in, we tailor your procedure and we tailor your breast implant to your proportions and your body type.”

To get your tailored plan started, click here to book your consultation with Dr. Lee.