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How a Mommy Makeover Can Restore Your Appearance After Childbirth

How a Mommy Makeover Can Restore Your Appearance After Childbirth

The aptly named “Mommy Makeovers” are part of a rapidly growing trend in the world of cosmetic treatments, and that’s most likely due to the fact that they’re so effective.

As is expected, both during and after pregnancy and childbirth, a woman’s body undergoes some fairly dramatic changes. This is especially true for women who have multiple children.

Though you’re doing the most important job in the world—being a mom—for many women, it leaves them looking and feeling less than their best.

It’s well documented that the road back to a svelte figure after childbirth is an extremely difficult one. Sometimes, no matter how much you apply yourself with a strict diet and intense exercise, it may not be enough.

Additionally, time is not a friendly factor, as, the more we age, the more challenging it is to tighten skin that’s lost its elasticity, regain muscle tone, and be rid of stretch marks or scars. Though healthy eating and an active lifestyle can be a step in the right direction, it’s not uncommon to require a little extra help.

A Mommy Makeover is simply an array of different cosmetic treatments which can restore a woman’s appearance as closely as possible to its pre-pregnancy and birth state. For many women, this leads to a renewed sense of confidence, vitality, and overall well-being.

Common Procedures Part of a Mommy Makeover

It’s important to understand that a Mommy Makeover isn’t a predetermined set of procedures or treatments which must be followed. The treatments you enjoy can be completely customized to your unique anatomy, aesthetic goals, and personal needs. A mommy makeover simply refers to one or more plastic surgeries or cosmetic treatments which a woman who has given birth may have, and this could include any number of restorative procedures.

Most commonly, a Mommy Makeover includes one or more of the following procedures: a tummy tuck, a breast lift and/or a breast augmentation, body contouring through liposuction, or even a Brazilian butt lift. Furthermore, a Mommy Makeover might include non-surgical interventions as well, such as the application of dermal fillers to restore a youthful appearance in the face by reducing the number of visible lines, wrinkles, or creases.

When to Have a Mommy Makeover

Keep in mind that a Mommy Makeover isn’t something that you should have immediately after pregnancy. Typically, it’s best to wait at least six months after having given birth and/or three months after you stop breastfeeding if you have. This is because the body still needs to adjust back to its pre-pregnancy state, which takes some time—for several months following pregnancy and birth, your body is still awash with hormones.

These hormones can affect the elasticity of your skin and the rate at which you’re able to lose weight, both of which are very important to be normalized before having a procedure such as a tummy tuck. Your breasts will also need time to readjust, which is important before having a breast lift or breast augmentation procedure. When you consult with your plastic surgeon, you’ll be able to learn more about the best times to have any of the procedures that fall under the banner of a Mommy Makeover. Speaking of which, let’s briefly discuss what your consultation may involve.

Consulting with the Right Plastic Surgeon for a Mommy Makeover

Working with the right plastic surgeon is important—make sure that you choose to entrust your health and body to someone who is not only fully qualified but who you get along with well and feel comfortable with. The best way to do this is by scheduling a consultation with a medical professional, during which time you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, review before and after photos and discuss the kinds of procedures you think may be beneficial to you.

It’s also important to speak in your own words when meeting with a plastic surgeon—you aren’t expected to know all of the medical terminologies or have a preexisting base of knowledge about these things. That’s what the doctor is there to help you with. And if you’re not sure what kinds of procedures you’d like to have for your Mommy Makeover, listen to the advice that your surgeon gives you, consider it for a while, and come to an educated decision together.