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What is Micropigmentation?

Also known as cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation can be a revelatory way to enhance your natural features without the inconvenience of applying and reapplying makeup everyday. This simple, non-surgical procedure creates the appearance of permanent makeup by using an ultra-fine needle, or a cluster of very fine needles, to microscopically embed color pigments onto the dermis of the skin. When performed by our highly skilled micropigmentation specialist, Maria Wu, results can be remarkably beautiful and natural-looking. If you wish to look your best 24 hours a day, or seek to improve the appearance of a scar, micropigmentation may be able to provide the results you desire.

Who is a Candidate for Micropigmentation?

Considered a relatively simple treatment that can produce amazing results, micropigmentation typically benefits a wide range of patients who wish to achieve lasting eyeliner, eyebrow shading, lip color, scar camouflage, or other medical tattooing application. Namely, the procedure may benefit individuals who experience:


  • Allergies or sensitive skin
  • Difficulty applying makeup
  • Vitiligo (loss of skin color or pigmentation)
  • Alopecia or hair loss
  • Post-surgical scars
  • Oily skin that causes makeup to smudge
  • A tendency to sweat off makeup

During your micropigmentation consultation, which can typically take place at the same time as your treatment appointment if desired (with the exception of scalp micropigmentation), our micropigmentation specialist will ask you about your medical history as well as any relevant health concerns to help determine whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic tattooing.

Types of Micropigmentation Treatment

Board-certified plastic surgeon Jonathan Lee, MD offers an array of micropigmentation services at our Calgary-area practice. Treatment options include:

  • Eyebrow shading
  • Eyebrow microblading (eyebrow hairstroke)
  • Eyeliner application
  • Lip color application
  • Skin/scar camouflaging
  • Nipple/areola pigmentation
  • Hair stimulation on scalp

Many individuals combine cosmetic tattooing with LATISSE® eyelash growth treatment to achieve thicker and fuller lashes in complement to their micropigmentation enhancement.

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How is Cosmetic Tattooing Treatment Performed?

Prior to the start of treatment, our micropigmentation specialist will educate you on all aspects of treatment, and the ideal shape and color of the outcome will be discussed. To begin your session, a topical anesthetic—or numbing agent—will be applied to the planned treatment area 20 minutes before the procedure to minimize patient discomfort. While you will be reclined for the majority of treatment, you will likely be asked to sit up multiple times to ensure a perfect result is attained. Once the desired aesthetic has been achieved, you may notice the treated area looks darker or brighter. This is to be expected and the true color of your enhancement will reveal itself as the skin heals. Flaking and peeling of the treated area after a few days is normal. Depending on which treatment was pursued, the final outcome is typically realized at around four weeks.

How Long Does Micropigmentation Last?

Once a perfect outcome is achieved, cosmetic tattooing can be considered a virtually permanent makeup replacement solution. If your results are not excellent at four weeks following treatment, contact our practice to book a touch-up appointment. Micropigmentation is a meticulous process, requiring precise and painstaking technique to yield an impeccable result. As such, multiple sessions may be necessary to attain an ideal outcome. We generally offer additional treatment sessions at a reduced rate.

Why Choose Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery?

Our esteemed lead micropigmentation specialist, Maria Wu, has a wealth of experience achieving amazingly natural-looking results with cosmetic tattooing. Certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation, Maria has performed over 2,000 procedures for both men and women and harbors an unmatched attention to detail that has made her well-established within the medical tattooing industry. Ultimately, Maria’s commitment to patient satisfaction and passion for her craft are qualities that you deserve in your micropigmentation treatment. Please contact our practice to book your appointment today.