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Tips to Get Perfectly Full Lips With Fillers

Tips to Get Perfectly Full Lips With Fillers

There are many reasons why women seek lip augmentation. Some women have had thin lips all their life while others have noticed a thinning out of their lips with age. Before pursuing lip augmentation, you’ll want to keep in mind these keys tips to attaining a full and beautiful outcome.

Have Goals

If you’re looking to enhance the size of your lips, you’ll want to have particular goals in mind that you can discuss with your doctor. In general, there are three important aspects to your lips: shape, structure, and volume.

While most people think that volume is the only variable that’s altered during a lip injection, both shape and structure can be significantly adjusted to create a completely customized appearance for your lips.

As with any cosmetic procedure, remember that going in with a goal is great, but keep that goal flexible – your doctor will appreciate it if you come to the office with an image of what you’d like to achieve, but they also know a great deal about the procedure that you might not know. Keep an open mind.

Don’t Go Too Big

Bigger is not always better – in fact, where lip injections are concerned, subtle changes are what make for a beautiful result. After the swelling goes down, some patients may be concerned that the fillers have made little difference in the size of their lips… until they look at before and after photos! Where lip augmentation is concerned, less is always more. Start out small, and feel free to go back to your doctor for additional injections, should you feel the need.

Inform Your Doctor About Health Concerns

It is important to inform your doctor about any health concerns. Some people have cold sores which can be activated by a lip injection. Also, be sure to inform your doctor about any medications that you’re taking. Prior to any injections, you should avoid any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications including Advil for at least 10 days.

Schedule An Injection In Advance of Important Events

We all like to look our best just before milestones or big events in our lives. However, when it comes to timing for lip injections or any facial fillers, you’ll want to consider treatment several weeks before you’re due to attend an important event. Why? Although usually minor, bruising and swelling may occur following any injection and can take a week to resolve.