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How to Enhance Your Lips with Filler Injections

Enhance Your Lips with Filler Injections

Many people seek fuller plump lips that still look natural and not overdone. There are many horror stories of lips appearing horribly overdone with a duck-like appearance. In the hands of an experienced injector, a lip injection should not look artificial at all.

In fact, no one should be able to ever tell that you’ve had injections – your lips should just look naturally fuller and more attractive. If you have thin lips that tend to “disappear” when you smile, you’ll want to read on and learn about what filler injections can do for you.

Learn About the Types of Filler Injections

The most common facial fillers are made from hyaluronic acid. This is a sugar-like molecule that naturally occurs in the body and is eventually broken down after a period of 10-18 months. There is a myriad of hyaluronic acid fillers and each one has slightly different properties: some are firm and provide lift while others are more liquid and have a greater ability to blend. Your plastic surgeon should have a good command of a variety of different filler types to use as tools for shaping your lips depending on your unique features.

Set Realistic Goals

Some people want a lip enhancement that will make them look like a big movie star or the most popular celebrity icon. While it’s true that many celebrities have had lip injections, many of them have pushed it to the extreme where their lips look disproportionate to the rest of their face.

While you’ll undoubtedly want your lips to be fuller in body, be sure to work with your plastic surgeon to ensure you have realistic beautification goals for your lips. An experienced surgeon will know where and how much filler to use to provide a beautiful result while maintaining a natural appearance.

Go One Step At a Time

If you’re concerned about your lips looking too swollen or artificial-looking, it never hurts to have just a small amount of filler placed in at a time. Occasionally some people just want a very subtle augmentation to their lips and getting smaller injections over a period of time will ensure your lips come out looking as natural as possible. An experienced surgeon will be able to adjust and titrate your filler volume to suit your unique cosmetic goals.

Get a Professional

Lastly and arguably most importantly, you’ll want to have an expert on lip augmentations perform your lip injections. Check to see if there is a facial expert in your area who is most qualified for the task. There are many nuances to lip injections and you frequently get what you pay for. An expert injector will be able to provide you with beautiful and full lips that still look natural.