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What is Fotona 2D Piano Skin Tightening?

What is Fotona 2D Piano Skin Tightening?

Everyone’s anatomy is unique—and that means that we all age in different ways. Throw in the rigours of environmental stresses such as sun exposure, smoking, or other variables, and the body will eventually react and that’s true for all of us.

If you’re tired of looking older than you feel due to wrinkles, sun damage, or loose and sagging skin, there’s plenty of treatments on the market to consider.

But what if you found out about a treatment that was not only affordable but a non-surgical alternative to other styles of cosmetic treatment like surgery or dermal fillers? It exists, and it’s called Fotona. Let’s explore this revolutionary skin resurfacing technology a bit further.

What Are the Four Fotona Treatments?

“Fotona” is the name of skin resurfacing laser technology developed by Dynamis. The laser has several different applications, including Smoothliftin, Frac3, Piano, and SupErficial—these four treatments each utilize the laser in different ways to enhance facial aesthetics.

What is Fotona 2D Piano Skin Tightening?

Fotona 2D Piano skin tightening refers to the use of both SmoothLiftin and Piano. This is a non-surgical “facelift” procedure which revitalizes the face from the inside out—results are similar to those which you may experience with dermal fillers but last much longer. For reference, dermal fillers such as Juvederm, while effective for some patients, typically need to be readministered within a year. Piano skin tightening with Fotona stimulates the body’s natural supply of collagen, which results in a tightening effect on the skin for the face (and other areas of the body as well—the face is the most popular).

Am I a Candidate for Fotona 2D?

If you have wrinkles and would like to have a complete revitalization of your youthful appearance, then yes, you probably are a candidate for Fotona 2D. There is no “right age” for any kind of cosmetic procedure—it’s a deeply personal decision that should be discussed with the medical professional that you’re working with. It is worth noting that Fotona technology works for patients with all kinds of skin pigmentation, unlike less advanced technologies.

What are the Other Treatments in the Fotona Suite?

In addition to SmoothLiftin and Piano, the other two treatments in the Fotona suite are Frac3 and SupErficial. These treatments can be customized and applied according to the needs of your unique anatomy—whether you need one or all four of them to reach your unique goals is a decision that you can make alongside the advice and assistance of the medical practitioner that you’re working with.

Can Fotona Treatments Be Customized?

Yes—that’s the beauty of Fotona treatments. You can pick and choose from each of the different styles of Fotona treatments for a totally customized plan which addresses your unique needs. And that’s important—as we established earlier, everyone ages differently and has different anatomical needs and goals. After you have a consultation with a medical practitioner capable of administering a Fotona treatment, you’ll have a much better idea of the kinds of Fotona treatments that will provide you with the most possible benefit, whether that’s SmoothLiftin and Piano skin tightening or the full suite available through Fotona 4D.

Learning More About Fotona 2D and Other Treatments

The best way to learn more about Fotona 2D—or other Fotona treatment types—is going to be to schedule a consultation with a qualified medical professional. Not only will you have your questions answered, but your answers will also be personalized to your specific needs. Considering that everyone has different anatomy, goals, and requirements, a consultation with a certified practitioner will allow you to learn more about Fotona 2D as it pertains to your unique scenario and body.

If you live in Calgary or will be visiting soon, please feel welcomed and encouraged to contact Dr. Jonathan Lee at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lee is a board-certified, award-winning plastic surgeon with years of experience in treating both men and women from Canada and abroad. To schedule a consultation, please dial (403) 286-4263 at your earliest convenience.