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Fotona 2D Benefits

Fotona 2D Benefits

Fotona is a highly advanced form of laser skin resurfacing technology. Laser skin treatments like Fotona 2D can provide patients with a bevy of benefits, such as smoothing out wrinkles, adding a youthful volume to the face, or even restoring a cohesive look to the pigmentation of the skin after it’s endured environmental damage or damage which simply occurred through the natural ageing process.

Let’s take a moment to explore how Fotona, and specifically Fotona 2D, can be beneficial to achieving your aesthetic goals.

What is Fotona 2D?

The Dynamis Fotona laser skin resurfacing technology is actually capable of providing four different kinds of treatments. In just a moment we’ll discuss the other treatments, but for now, it’s important to understand that Fotona 2D is the culmination of two different Fotona technologies: Smoothliftin and Piano. Let’s take a moment to examine the benefits of each of these two different styles of Fotona treatment.

What is Fotona 2D?

First of all, it’s worth noting that Fotona laser skin resurfacing is entirely non-surgical. While this technology can provide many of the same benefits as a surgical facelift or the injection of dermal fillers, it is entirely non-invasive and, in some cases, substantially more affordable for many patients.

Fotona 2D is the application of both Piano skin tightening as well as SmoothLift in intraoral tightening. Piano skin tightening is a use of the Fotona laser technology which stimulates the collagen found naturally within the body. The skin will naturally become more voluminous, youthful, and tight. When used in conjunction with SmoothLiftin, the effects can be dramatically positive for many patients. SmoothLiftin tightens the skin from the inside of the mouth—making it particularly effective for the cheeks.

SmoothLiftin can also provide plumpness with results very similar to the benefits of dermal fillers without the need for injections. Furthermore, the effects of Fotona 2D—and 3D, and 4D—are significantly more long-lasting than what you may experience with dermal fillers, which generally have an effect which lasts only six months in some cases, with an “extra-long” duration dermal filler lasting only up to two years.

What are the Other Treatments in the Fotona Suite?

In addition to SmoothLiftin and Piano, the other two treatments in the Fotona suite are Frac3 and SupErficial. These treatments can be customized and applied according to the needs of your unique anatomy—whether you need one or all four of them to reach your unique goals is a decision that you can make alongside the advice and assistance of the medical practitioner that you’re working with.

Taking Action With Fotona 2D

If you’re interested in laser skin resurfacing treatments—whether it’s through Fotona or similar technologies—the easiest way to learn more about Fotona 2D or the other treatments available through this revolutionary technology will be to schedule a consultation with a medical practitioner authorized to administer the treatment. If you’d like to begin your revitalization journey with the services of an award-winning plastic surgeon, please feel warmly encouraged to contact the offices of the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery.

The Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery is spearheaded by Dr. Jonathan Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is also fully authorized to provide Fotona treatments, including Fotona 2D, 3D, and 4D. He has been treating patients from Canada—both men and women—for years, in addition to a host of patients who have specifically travelled from abroad to take advantage of his expertise. If you’re ready to take action and say goodbye to your wrinkles today, please feel welcome to dial (403) 286-4263 at your earliest convenience.