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Fotona Laser Treatment

The advantage of Fotona 4D is how this treatment can be used for fair, medium, and dark skin. You have four different treatments that are intended to address a variety of facial concerns, and every treatment will have a unique set of benefits. Fotona Laser Skin Tightening can also deliver these treatments in customized fashions so that it works on the deeper, superficial, or medial structure of your skin. Learning more about this system is as simple as filling out the form so that we can contact you and schedule a consultation—during which you’ll have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about this revolutionary cosmetic technique.

The Fotona Approach

What the Combinations Do

When it comes to the 4D approach, it stimulates the thickness of your body’s natural resources of collagen without the need for injectables, and you can reduce the pigment and wrinkles. Not only will this procedure make your skin look rejuvenated, it will give you a younger and more vibrant appearance. With Fotona 2D, you have a combination of Piano and Smoothliftin.

This is the “facelift” that is intended for tightening, volumization, and it should give you results that will last much longer. With Fotona 3D, you have a combination of Piano, Smoothliftin and Frace3. The objective with this combination is to seek out the miniscule age imperfections and tight, volume and life. It will also take care of pigment and flushing.

With Fotona 4D, you have a combination that is Smoothlift, Frac3, Piano and SupErficial. The goal with Fotona 4D is to peel and polish the skin to give the appearance of more rejuvenated skin. To understand the combinations further, contact board certified plastic surgeon Jonathan Lee, MD, FRCSC and his team of trained professionals at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery with any questions you may have about the procedure.

Which Treatment Will Be Best?

The treatment and combination of laser Fotona treatments that you choose will depend on a few factors:

  • Condition of Your Skin
  • Age of the Personalized
  • Number of Treatments Required

At the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery, we will look over your treatment plan and customize it to determine the steps which will be the absolute best for your unique anatomy. Much of this will be determined during your consultation, during which time we can give you more detailed information about the procedure and whether it is right for you. Using the simple contact form can set you on the path to receiving your Fotona treatment and answering any further questions and concerns you may have.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

With a revolutionary 4D approach to revitalizing skin, it will work for both men and women of every ethnicity. While a single treatment can benefit you well, having three to five treatments is recommended. A general rule is that for every decade you’ve lived, you should receive one treatment. The treatments will be spaced out between two to four works. There is also an annual follow-up treatment because this will help you to maintain your results.

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Fotona Treatment

How Long Do the Results Take?

For the overwhelming majority of cases, patients will see results almost immediately. Nevertheless, you have to understand that the initial results will not be representative of the final results. What is interesting about the Fotona procedure is how the results will appear gradually over a period of two to three months. In today’s world, Fotona has become a world-leading medical laser, and their global distribution networks spans across over 60 countries. We are all looking for ways that we can look and stay young, and Fotona helps people to achieve that. Setting up a consultation with Dr. Lee and his team of trained professionals can help you to decide if this treatment is the best for you. The business philosophy of Fotona is what separates them from the rest. Their goal is to stay competitive by continuously choosing perfection for meeting the high demands in the marketplace.

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Why Contact Us About Fotona Laser Skin Tightening?

Contact us with any questions as we want to ensure that you are fully informed about the treatment and if it is a suitable one for you. There will be no downtime with this treatment, and you can continue with daily activities almost immediately after treatment. While there might be some swelling and mild redness, this normally only lasts for a day or two. Dr. Lee and his trained professionals are experts in the field of non-invasive treatments such as the Fotona laser, and have helped countless patients to look and feel their best.

A Fotona Doctor in Calgary

Another reason that patients should consider using Dr. Lee’s clinic is because not only is he a local plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the area, but his team consists of experienced and trained professionals specializing in Fotona laser treatments Normally, the Fotona treatment is painless, non-invasive and it does not require anesthesia. In addition, there is no downtime so that if you are someone with a busy schedule, you do not have to worry about Fotona having a recovery process that will interfere with your schedule. Scheduling for a consultation is as simple as filling out the form or a phone call—after that, you have initiated the process for learning more about the Fotona treatment and developing your personalised treatment. This procedure will help you look younger and feel happier.

Why Choose Dr. Lee’s Clinic?

Dr. Lee Plastic Surgeon MiniDr. Lee’s clinic has the knowledge and expertise in the field of non-invasive treatments. A highly skilled surgeon and Board Certified by The College of Physicians of Canada, Dr. Lee is an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.
Our simple form takes just a couple minutes and you will be on your way to customizing a treatment to start looking and feeling your best again. With Fotona, you can turn back the clock and get better results. In addition to communicating via email, you can also call us at (866)742-5061 to request a consultation. At the consultation, we look over the benefits and your unique anatomy to determine if you will be the ideal candidate for this type of procedure. In some cases, we may make a suggestion for a different type of procedure instead. Fotona is a procedure that ensures you will look your best. If you want to look younger, Fotona may be right for you.

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