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Why You Should Look Into Blepharoplasty For Puffy Eyes

Blepharoplasty - A Solution For Puffy Eyes

Have your eyes been looking more and more tired in recent years? Does it seem that, no matter how much sleep you get, the bags beneath your eyes never seem to lessen? Is your under-eye area exceptionally puffy or baggy? Do people comment that you always look tired?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, otherwise known as blepharoplasty, may give your eyes a more youthful and less tired appearance. Eyelid surgery can tighten the skin both above and beneath your eyes, minimizing eyelid bags and the dark shadows that they can create.

As the eyes are the first feature that people often notice, a blepharoplasty can make a tremendous difference in your overall appearance. The benefits of blepharoplasty can be especially notable for those who have suffered from puffy bags beneath their eyes – the surgery greatly reduces puffiness, recovery is relatively short, there is minimal scarring, and the results are long-lasting.

Reduction is Noticeable

Many people suffer from droopy, tired-looking eyes. Others may comment that they look tired or angry but in actuality, they feel great and have loads of energy. Most people simply want to look as good as they feel.
Blepharoplasty can create dramatic but natural-appearing results. It tightens up the eyelids, effectively removing bags and resulting in eyes that look more alert and awake. When performed by a skilled professional, it never makes the patient look unnatural or altered – they simply appear refreshed and well-rested.

Recovery Time is Relatively Short

Your surgeon should have excellent credentials. They should be true plastic surgeons that are board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. They should also be members of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It is also fair for you to ask them how many facial surgeries they perform per year.
Most patients need 2 weeks off work following the surgery in order to recover. During this time, the incision will usually heal and the bruising and swelling will come down significantly. Although most patients can return to regular activity at two weeks following the surgery, any mild residual swelling can occasionally take several months to completely dissipate.

Minimal Scarring

A common question amongst patients is about the appearance of their scars following the surgery.
Once healed, the incisions from blepharoplasty are virtually undetectable. This is because they are placed across naturally occurring creases in your eyelids, where folds of skin will simply hide any scarring that occurs.

Lasting Results

The results of a blepharoplasty are generally long-lasting and many patients never need a follow-up procedure. However, as we age, gravity and loss of skin tone may continue to affect eyelid skin and occasionally a touch-up procedure is required 10-20 years down the road.