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Dr. Lecia Buys

Dr. Buys believes that we are able to live our best lives when we experience true health and vitality from the inside and out. This belief has led her on a personal and professional journey toward the practice of Functional Medicine and Medical Aesthetics.

Dr. Buys’ patient-centered approach addresses the whole person instead of focusing on an isolated set of symptoms. The goal is not to mask the symptoms with prescription medication but rather to use cutting edge scientific testing to uncover the root cause of disease.

Treatments are aimed at supporting the body’s natural healing ability through targeted, evidence-based, dietary, nutritional and lifestyle therapies. Her areas of interest include autoimmune disease, hormone balancing, weight management and working with high-performance athletes to maximize their performance. When providing cosmetic medical therapies to patients, her goal is to enhance the individual aesthetic features to achieve a natural look.

Service offerings include; Advanced Medical Aesthetics, Botox for Migraines and Bruxism (teeth grinding), Complete Skin Analysis, Acne Treatment and more.

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