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CoolSculpting The Best And Effective Fat-Reducing Treatment

Coolsculpting: The Best And Effective Fat-reducing Treatment

Eliminating body fat with CoolSculpting has been picking up a lot of attention in recent years as one of the best methods of shedding unwanted and hard-to-remove fat. It’s important to know that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment—it’s a body contouring treatment that removes unwanted pockets or protrusions of fat.

As a person starts to lose weight, the fat cells will appear smaller, but what’s interesting and important to understand is that losing weight will not make the fat cells go away as one might think—the cells have just changed size.
The number of fat cells will become fixed in a person’s adolescent years and as a result, a person will increase or decrease their fat cells regardless of their weight, only the size of the cells will change.

What Happens When A Person Chooses CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, also known within the medical community as Cryolipolysis, freezes the fat cells and as a result, lowers the number of fat cells that are found in the treated areas. In general, the average reduction will be between 20% to 25%. One of the best things about CoolSculpting is how this is a non-invasive procedure that does not require surgery at all. Stubborn fat cells that refuse to leave will be eliminated—but keep in mind that while you may not weigh less (or much less at any rate), you will still look thinner and your clothing will fit better. You will achieve a more sculpted appearance and feel great.

The Body And How It Processes Fattening Foods

The fat is eaten in foods, the actual fat, not what’s “fattening” despite popular belief. Like any other nutrient, it will travel through the digestive tract. After that, it goes to the liver, and the processed fat will become an energy source for the body. However, if there is excess fat, it will be stored in fat cells. After the CoolSculpting treatment, these same fat cells will be frozen and start to die. As the process of cellular death occurs, the fat cells will start to collapse. What results over the next several weeks is that the other cells will start to consume the dead fat cells. When this happens, they will naturally be processed and eliminated from the body.

Not A Weight-Loss Solution

Important to understand is that CoolSculpting is not intended to help an individual lose weight. What it does do is get rid of the appearance of unwanted pockets or areas of fat so that a person can look slimmer. Because of this, a person who has significant weight to lose will not benefit much from this procedure and likely won’t be accepted as a candidate. What CoolSculpting can do is reduce the fat in targeted areas with a natural and controlled elimination of the fat cells.

How Long For Treatment

On average the treatment will only take one hour. CoolSculpting has become one of the world’s leading non-surgical fat reduction procedures. Since 2010, there have been more than three million people who have received this form of fat reduction treatment. What happens on the day of treatment is, as the patient relaxes, the therapist will position the CoolSculpting technology over the area of the body that needs to have fat removed. It will be cooled over the next hour, and in the first few minutes, the patient may feel a cold sensation and some pressure. However, they can surf the web, play games on their smartphone, or read a book as CoolSculpting does the rest.