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Fat Reduction, Weight Loss and CoolSculpting


Countless people trying to eliminate stubborn body fat have experienced some parts of the body refusing to respond to diet and exercise. Sometimes an individual can have the right diet and exercise regimen, but it still does not go away—what can you do in these situations? A common procedure is a liposuction, but CoolSculpting should at the very least be considered as a non-surgical, effective alternative.

Liposuction gets rid of body fat in specific parts of the body like CoolSculpting. However, where liposuction differs from CoolSculpting is that it is a more invasive procedure. A person who chooses liposuction has to accept that there could be complications like toxic shock syndrome or infections. Another key to understand is the price difference between CoolSculpting and liposuction surgery. CoolSculpting costs $500-$800 for a small applicator and between $1,200-$1,500 for a large applicator for the first time. The applicator used depends on the size of the area of the body being treated. Meanwhile, liposuction—for just about anywhere on the body—costs an average of $7,800.

Good For Weight Loss?

Where CoolSculpting can have a big impact is on the overall body contour. It removes those stubborn fatty regions that do not seem to want to go away, no matter how hard a person tries. For those situations, CoolSculpting can make a person look and feel thinner in specific areas of the body. This, however, will not be a good solution for a person who wants to lose significant amounts of weight as CoolSculpting is a targeted treatment.

Permanent Solution: CoolSculpting

After the fat cells have been frozen, they will die. At around adolescence, a person’s total fat cell count will be determined, and they will gain no more cells. The cells may grow in size, but they will never produce more. As a result, when a person chooses to freeze their fat cells with CoolSculpting, after they have died out, they will be gone for good. There have been cases where a person saw no results, but that is extraordinarily rare, and most people will see results after two to three months.

No Lifestyle Habit Changes Needed

CoolSculpting is not a diet and exercise program, so people do not have to make any lifestyle changes after they have received treatment. However, it can be helpful for a person to take care of themselves and maintain their health after treatment. This ensures that the results are maintained. Nevertheless, there are no supplements or anything required to see positive results with this procedure after it has been conducted.

What Does It Feel Like?

A cooling sensation will start after the first few minutes of the procedure. Typically, patients report feeling an intense sensation of cold. Eventually, that feeling dissipates. The patient will then usually feel the suction of the applicator is applied. After between five to 10 minutes, the region being treated will start to feel numb.

This procedure is low stress. In fact, a lot of people take naps, watch videos, or read during their treatment. Some have even continued their work on their laptop while their treatment is taking place. Once the treatment has ended, a tingling sensation might be felt for between two to three minutes after. In general, a patient will have the ability to return to their normal activities immediately after.

CoolSculpting stands alone as a clinically proven and FDA-approved fat freezing technique. It has built-in freeze detection technology, and that technology keeps the skin from freezing. There are some imitations on the market, but these are dangerous, and there have been reports of injuries from using these “copycat” devices.

That includes severe burns and surgical removal of the skin that was affected. CoolSculpting, however, is not dangerous, and it is not an invasive procedure.