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CoolSculpting: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction And How It Can Help You

CoolSculpting: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting is one of the only fat-freezing procedures cleared by the FDA that can provide patients with proven, long-lasting results. Eliminating stubborn fat that resists your best efforts of diet and exercise can become a frustrating experience—especially when those pockets of fat are found in the stomach or thighs.

Finding a CoolSculpting clinic is not difficult, but finding the right clinic is essential. The advantage of CoolSculpting is how patients will be given access to a non-invasive procedure that has a proven track record of high patient satisfaction. The treatment is not uncomfortable and the patient can even return to work after it has been done—the recovery time is practically immediate.

What Does CoolSculpting Involve?

First, the client will have a consultation with a skilled professional. During the consultation, the patient will learn about the procedure, have the opportunity to discuss your goals and the areas of your body which you would like to have treated. The medical professional will take your entire body into consideration, and focus on the areas where fat will be eliminated.

Since everyone’s anatomy is different, the medical professionals at the CoolSculpting clinic will work with each patient’s unique goals to decide on the most effective style of treatment. With this procedure, the client will have different applications that they can choose from, and the skilled professional will take into consideration a patient’s goals to give them the results that they are interested in achieving.

CoolSculpting And What It Looks Like

When eliminating fat, areas which have a protruding or bulging appearance will generally be focused on. Each client will have a customized treatment plan which could include having more than one CoolSculpting treatment, though for many patients one will be enough.

With CoolSculpting, different areas of the body can receive treatment at the same time. As a holistic approach to body sculpting, the physician looks at clinical recommendations and will review the areas that need treatment. After that, they will make an expert recommendation based on the analysis—however, the final decision will always be up to you, the patient. The result will be the sculpted, aesthetically pleasing body contour you’ve been trying to achieve.

What Happens On The Day Of Treatment

On the day of treatment, a gel pad applicator will be applied to the area of the body being targeted. After that, the practitioner will deliver high powered yet safe cooling through the CoolSculpting technology that takes place under a controlled setting for targeting specific areas. The advantage of this procedure is how no anesthesia will be needed—patients can even feel free to have a nap, check their emails, or read. There are no needles, no downtime, and no surgery on the day of treatment.

After the treatment has taken place, the client will be able to return to their normal activities. While there are some patients that will see results in as few as three weeks after their treatment, patients have to understand that the most dramatic results will take place after one month to three months. The reason is that after the fat cells have been frozen, they will start to die and be expelled from the body. As a result, the individual will see a noticeable change in their body contour.