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CoolSculpting: The Ideal Option To Reduce Thigh Fat

Coolscupting - The Ideal Option To Reduce Thigh Fat

Zeltiq Aesthetics, the developers of the CoolSculpting procedure, has led the market in terms of offering a non-invasive body fat reduction method. With their latest announcement, it is likely that CoolSculpting could soon take an even further lead ahead of the competition, which is great news for men and women who struggle to eliminate stubborn pockets of body fat.

First introduced in 2010, the procedure has been FDA approved and CoolSculpting has a proven track record for consistent success. The latest announcement from CoolSculpting is that the FDA gave approval for the procedure to be used in eliminating thigh fat.

A Safe Method For Fat Reduction

This interesting technology has been calibrated in such a fashion that the cooling plates will work at a specific temperature that does not hurt the skin tissue, nerves, or blood vessels. At the same time, it produces enough cold that it will chill and freeze the fat. For the longest time, it was great for love handles and belly fat.

The only initial complaint patients had was that it could not treat the smaller areas like the inner thighs. As a result, Zeltiq started to develop a customized piece that can lower fat from the smaller and more confined regions.

When Zeltiq describes the latest applicator, they say that it is non-vacuum based cooling capable of specifically treating the non-pinchable fat bulges and the inner thighs. With the latest advancement, clinics can now treat the entire thigh region. This is, of course, also a non-invasive procedure.

Freezing Fat From The Inner Thighs: Really?

The latest treatment for CoolSculpting has even been clinically verified, and there were numerous studies done to show the results. What the studies found was that when practitioners treated the abdomen and flanks, most patients lost up to an inch on their waistlines. Meanwhile, the studies related to CoolSculpting and the thighs have remained encouraging. For example, one clinical study observed that patients who received a unilateral outer thigh treatment saw an 86 percent reduction in their visible fat. That is after just one treatment. Typically, people are recommended to go for more treatments if they do not see results. After just one treatment, around 89 percent of patients reported that they were happy with the results of CoolSculpting on the inner thighs.

Notorious Stubborn Fat Collectors

For a long time, the thighs have been notorious as the stubborn fat collectors, especially for females. Scientists believe that fat collects here because of an evolutionary advantage that women have during their reproductive years. The inner thigh fat will often be influenced by human hormones like estrogen, which is why females will often have a more pear-shaped body. While diet and exercise can help, it does not always have the results that a person might hope for.

Thigh Fat: Thigh Exercises?

Sometimes men and women will focus their efforts to lose the thigh fat on thigh exercises. The problem is that while these exercises can tone the inner and outer thigh, they do not discriminate on how to target the thigh fat. That is one of the reasons that women and men have turned to CoolSculpting.

When thigh fat does not respond to diet and exercise, CoolScupting might be the next best option. Is CoolSculpting a practical solution for reducing thigh fat? First, it is non-invasive, which is highly advantageous. It reduces a lot of the risk that a person might have to take on if they chose liposuction instead. CoolSculpting is non-invasive and there have been no reported permanent side effects.