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Comparing Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Techniques

Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

The Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery is the largest CoolSculpting clinic in Western Canada spearheaded by Dr. Lee.

Let’s take a moment to compare some of the other non-invasive body sculpting techniques so that you can make the best decision.

Liposuction has been the most popular surgical option for a long time, but there are far better alternatives that cost less—and they don’t come with as many risks.

When it comes to treatment options, patients have a few popular choices like:

– CoolSculpting
– VelaShape
– Zerona
– Thermage
– i-Lipo

Each of these is non-invasive procedures.

Which Is The Best Procedure? conducted a study to identify the “best” procedure in most cases—of course, results will always vary from one patient to another depending on their unique anatomy and goals. The objective factors in evaluating this technology include safety, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Results were rated on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning there were severe side effects and 10 being the best. When looking at i-Lipo, the rating for that treatment was an 8. Meanwhile, Zerona received a solid 10, and Velashape just a 4. Thermage received a 2 in terms of side effects and CoolSculpting received a 6.

CoolSculpting Customer Feedback

When it came to customer feedback, i-Lipo received a 6, while Zerona also received a 6. Thermage received a 4, and customers gave Velashape a 2. This is where CoolSculpt shined because, in terms of customer satisfaction, they earned a solid 10 in customer satisfaction. That shows that the people who chose this treatment had to have been getting positive results.

How Efficient Is CoolSculpting For Fat Reduction?

Efficiency was another area where CoolSculpting performed better than the other alternatives to liposuction. While i-Lipo received a 3, Zerona was given a 4. Thermage was given a 2 and Velashape was given a 4 inefficiency. CoolSculpting received the highest rating of 8.

Cost Comparison Of CoolSculpting Vs. Other Treatments

In terms of cost on a scale of 0 to 5, i-Lipo did the best with a solid 5. Zerona received a 2, which means that it was more expensive than the other procedures, but Thermage was only given a 1, so it was the most expensive. Meanwhile, Velashape came in second with a 4 in cost, and CoolSculpting came in third place because it was given a 3.

Skin Tightening Through CoolSculpting

None of the non-invasive body sculpting procedures were good for skin tightening other than Velashape and Thermage. In fact, some of the other procedures can have a negative impact on skin tightening because it is eliminating the fat cells, which will reduce the elasticity. Someone who is looking to improve the elasticity of their skin should choose either Velashape or Thermage because that is where patients will get their desired results.

Final Thoughts

After the study had ended, researchers found that CoolSculpting took first place with 24 points. Meanwhile, i-Lipo followed in the close second tied with Zerona for 22 points. Velashape scored 17 points and Thermage took the last place with just 12 points. In the study, CoolSculpting took first place with Zerona and i-Lipo in a close second.

What needs to be highlighted is that the study is 100% unbiased. It came from in helping people to find a better alternative to liposuction. does not have connections to any of the companies that have manufactured these products, which is what makes them a dependable resource.

While an offline poll using real people might still give more accurate results, this study was based on objective criteria, and the results are likely to close to what a person would have found in real life. Even with the results of the study, a person should first consider their goals and look at the non-invasive procedure that will deliver the best results to them.