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5 Reasons to Choose Coolsculpting Over Liposuction

5 Reasons to Choose CoolSculpting Over Liposuction

Today, there are several ways that people can get rid of excess and stubborn fat in their bodies.

Traditionally, most used liposuction to eliminate excess in specific areas and it seemed to work well for most.

Numerous technological advancements and medicine triggered the inception of a non-surgical approach known as CoolSculpturing.

This revolutionary approach freezes the fat cells, and as they die, the body’s immune system starts to eliminate them.
Some prefer the conventional way, however, it does not mean the surgical process yields better results.
In fact, CoolSculpting offers benefits such as:

Targets Specific Areas

Whether you have a muffin top, bra rolls or love handles, CoolSculpting knows no boundaries when it comes to fat removal. The treatment entails the use of applicators that come in varying sizes depending on the targeted area.

In contrast, liposuction does not provide that specific targeting, and instead, it just removes the fat from the body. In some cases, the desired results are achieved, and there are other cases where they are not. While a person can decrease the number of fat cells with a single liposuction treatment, they may not get uniform targeting that comes with the former.

CoolSculpting: Low-Stress Treatment

Before deciding on a treatment or procedure there are some considerations to keep in mind. When deciding on a liposuction procedure, you need to plan for the surgery.

It requires up to four weeks to heal, and you may not have the luxury to stay at home recovering from a liposuction procedure, especially for mothers, as they may not have the time needed to recuperate while taking care of the kids.

On the other hand, CoolSculpting does not involve surgery. There are no scalpels, needles or scars after treatment. People do not have to be sedated before surgery or undergo anesthesia.

The fact that CoolSculpting doesn’t involve any incisions or lengthy process is becoming the preference for most women and men. While having the treatment you can read a few chapters of your favourite book, watch TV or chat with friends on Facebook. Some people have even taken a nap during treatment, making it an extremely low-stress treatment at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery.

No Downtime

CoolSculpting is the non-invasive and non-surgical approach to getting rid of unwanted fat and does not require a lengthy recovery period. You don’t need time off the work and can get the procedure done, without affecting your schedule. On the contrary, liposuction demands about four weeks of time to heal.

Retreatment Period

In some instances, the patients might feel the need to enhance the results later. Coolsculpting offers an enduring fat removal, allowing people to shed off up to 25% of the fat in one session. Those looking for dramatic results can still choose to have additional treatment three months later. In the case of liposuction, the patient will have to wait five to six months before considering a re-treatment session.

Ideal for People At High Risk Of Surgical Procedures

Amid a growing population of people considering the removal of stubborn fat, Coolsculpting is an ideal solution for people that wouldn’t qualify for surgical procedures. Some dread the lengthy process while some fear the downtime that comes with surgeries. Others might exhibit medical conditions that make liposuction unsuitable for shedding extra fat. Some behavioural strains such as smoking are likely to limit the choice for the patients.

While CoolSculpting is considered a suitable alternative to liposuction, the only way to find out if this body sculpting treatment is right for you is through a consultation with a highly experienced professional such as Dr. Lee at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery where your questions will be answered while focusing on your unique goals.