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Choosing Breast Implant Size and Shape

Choosing Breast Implant Size and Shape

Many women that have decided to have a breast augmentation procedure wonder how their breasts will look after surgery.

When a board-certified surgeon helps their patients to select the right size and shape for the individual woman’s body, it can be assured that the result will most closely match expectation.

There are many factors to consider, and products to choose from to achieve the ideal size and shape for the patient.

Every woman has a different ideal and the surgeon’s job is to discover how to make his patients’ results best suit their body type and the aesthetic goals.

Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are manufactured by many different companies and there are variations on the filler, materials used, volume, shape and surface texture. The implants that are eventually selected to be used are based on a number of factors:

  1. Shape and size of the patient.
  2. Desired look.
  3. Lifestyle and physical activity levels.
  4. Amount of sagging or drooping of the breasts.
  5. Amount and integrity of the breast tissue.

During a consultation, the physician will take measurements, the patient’s weight, and will begin to recommend implants to suit the patient’s current proportions. There may also be an opportunity to feel a different type of implants and to try on samples.

What is a Breast Implant Profile? Which Profile Do I Choose?

The profile of the breast implant refers to how far the implant will project from the chest wall.

The low profile is very flat and wide whereas on the other end of the spectrum, the high profile will stick out a lot more, and they are narrow.

The patient’s frame and desired size will indicate which profile will be recommended. Women that want a natural look and have a wider frame will be matched with a low profile.

Thin or smaller framed women that want a bubbly, push up bra look will usually be matched with a high profile.

Increasing the profile size may also be appropriate for narrow women because their implant cannot be too wide and increasing the profile will achieve a larger implant without increasing the width and this will create a more proportional appearance.

What Size Implant Should I Choose?

Choosing the size of your implant may be the most difficult step. Breast implant sizes are not measured as breast cup sizes but rather as cc’s (cubic centimetres).

During your consultation, you may be shown a breast volume sizing chart and you can try on samples to see which size looks and feels right.

Patients are also encouraged to look at and bring in pictures that appeal to them.

Clear communication, a lot of questions and a good idea of what you are hoping for will help the surgeon to determine the size and shape of implant that would best suit the patient’s needs and goals.

The surgeon will help to make recommendations that will make this decision much easier and simplified.

Patients should also be aware that very large implants could be problematic for women with active lifestyles such as jogging and sports and larger implants do tend to have more complications.

Teardrop or Round Implants

Teardrop (or anatomic) implants are fuller and project more from the bottom, creating a natural look, but they are for a very specific type of patient. Round implants are full and symmetric.

Generally speaking, most women prefer the shape and overall look of round implants.

Booking a consultation with your plastic surgeon is the best way to determine which size and shape of the implant will be right for your breast augmentation procedure.

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