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Breast Implants and Working Out: What Women Need to Know

Working Out With Breast Implants

Breast implants have become popular amongst bodybuilders, runners and women that love to be active.

Unfortunately, as body weight drops and lean muscle is gained many women find that their breasts become smaller or lose their volume.

Women ask about how breast augmentation will affect their fitness if the implants will become endangered with higher activity levels and what they need to know about breast implants and working out.



Does the Implant Go Over or Under the Muscle?

This has been an issue that cosmetic surgeons have been refining for years. The general consensus amongst experienced surgeons is that the breast implants should be placed under the muscle where they are less visible in women with low body fat. This also decreases the risk of visible rippling.

The way this ends up working out is that implants, when properly positioned, are placed behind the nipple. It makes half the implant under the pectoral muscle and half below. The lower half sits over the serratus muscle at the side and the rectus abdominis muscle below. The only exception to this is for breast reconstruction, which involves an entirely different technique.

Will the Implant Be Squeezed by the Muscle?

The short answer to this question is yes, but breast implants are designed to be compressible and can handle muscle contractions, including from weight lifting and bouncing and movement from sports and running. Some cosmetic surgeons may advise patients to routinely massage the implants so that they remain soft.

What Type of Incision is Best for Breast Augmentation with Active Women?

There are two commonly used incisions for women that work out regularly. The first is in the inframammary fold under the breast. This location is very well hidden by the breast which becomes larger with the implant, to hide any eventual scarring. This incision is typically about 1 inch long but can be slighter smaller depending on the size of the implant, type and the surgeon’s technique.

The second type of incision for breast implants inactive women is a periareolar incision around the nipple. This type of incision may be used when the patient is undergoing a breast lift procedure at the same time as receiving breast implants. A breast lift is sometimes necessary after a lot of weight loss or childbirth.

What is the Recovery Like and When Can an Active Woman Workout Again?

Women with an active lifestyle want to know when they can begin to work out again and how much time they need to recover. Active women really need to listen to their body and be sure to recover before working out again.

Most doctors advise taking 1-2 weeks off any activity and only after this time the patient can begin to walk for exercise and begin very light cardio. After one month most women can begin lifting light weights but should wait six weeks as a minimum to begin doing chest exercises or to engage in high-intensity activity and sports.

This is the best way to ensure that the breast implants are not exposed to any trauma during this very important and necessary healing phase. This is sometimes the most challenging aspect of getting breast augmentation for active women because they can’t wait to get back to their active lifestyle, but waiting will pay off with beautiful and healthy breast implants that will last for years.

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