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Natural Looking Breast Implants: Types for Women to Choose

Types of Breast Implants

Not all women want their breast augmentation procedure to be very noticeable.

There is a large percentage of patients that are looking for a more subtle result.

There are women that have always had very small or asymmetrical breasts, whereas other patients require reconstructive surgery to regain their shape and size after a bilateral mastectomy.

For women that don’t want a very large, noticeable or unnatural look there are a number of options for choosing natural-looking breast implants.

Low Profile Breast Implants

The profile of the breast implant will play an important role in how big the implant ends up looking.

The profile refers to how much the implant projects from the chest wall. A low profile implant is wider at the base and does not stick out much whereas a high profile implant is narrow at the base and projects from the chest wall much more.

The profile will also be determined by the patient’s body type. Women that have a wider chest will be matched with the wider implant. Women with wider chests may occasionally be matched with a low profile and narrow-chested women may be matched with a medium profile implant.

It’s important to not select an implant that is too wide or narrow for the frame. This may not look natural, as it will not be proportionate to the body type of the patient. Your plastic surgeon will help you with this important decision.

Anatomical and Teardrop Breast Implants

Another way to obtain natural-looking implants is to select teardrop (or anatomic) breast implants. This is a type of implant that has been shaped to resemble a teardrop, and it projects the most from the bottom of the implant, like natural breasts.

The teardrop implant is made from a textured silicone shell and the result is a very natural look. It is not for everyone and is designed for a very select patient population. Your plastic surgeon will advise you if you are a candidate.

Selecting a Natural Implant Size

The size of the implant is determined by cc’s (cubic centimetres) so selecting a size will play a significant role in how natural the breasts look.

If a very large amount of cc’s is selected in a narrow-chested woman, the breast implant may not look as natural as if less cc’s are selected. This can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of choosing implants for women because choosing cc’s is not the same as breast cup size.

The best way for a patient to determine the cc’s for her breast implants is to try implant size samples on to get an idea of the look and feel. Your plastic surgeon will assist you with this process and determine the optimal proportionate and natural-looking size for you.

Speak with a Cosmetic Surgeon

A consultation with an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon will provide the best means for obtaining natural-looking breast implants.

The doctor will discuss the “look” the patient wants to achieve, take appropriate chest measurements, and will be able to recommend implants that are aligned with the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Patients are also encouraged to bring in any pictures, whether it is of themselves at a younger age, or simply from magazines that highlight the look they desire.

Booking a consultation with your plastic surgeon is the best way to determine which size and shape of the implant will be right for your breast augmentation procedure. Ultimately, your surgeon will be able to assist you with the selection of natural-looking implants.

Dr. Lee is a highly acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation procedures. For more information, please contact the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery by phone (403) 286-4263 or by email