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Breast Implant Size Guide: Chart & Expectations

Breast Implant Sizing: Cup Size and ExpectationsIf you’re going to make the decision to get a breast augmentation, you want to make 100% sure that you only have to do it once.

That means you need to get the breast implant size right the first time.

Easier said than done.

It can be quite a challenge to decide on the right proportions for your new breasts – but with the help of our breast implant size guide, you can look ahead with more confidence.

Factors to consider when setting breast size expectations

Your present and desired cup sizes are certainly important factors when considering the size of the breast implant that you need.

However, multiple factors go into achieving your perfect outcome.

For starters, breast cup sizes are not standardized: what is considered a C for one manufacturer may only be a B for another.

That confuses things. However, as you’ll see below, that’s not how your surgeon measures breast implant sizes.

The other factors besides your actual breast measurements and desired size include:

  • Your body size and weight
  • Whether you exercise regularly
  • Your personality
  • The present shape of your breasts
  • Characteristics of your breast tissue
  • Characteristics of your chest wall

Your personal preference will also affect choices like:

  • The shape of your new breasts – round or tear-drop shaped?
  • A natural-looking or obviously-augmented appearance?
  • The push-up-bra-look or simply regaining shape after weight loss, childbirth or surgery?

Of course, the skills of your plastic surgeon are a key factor in the outcome too. These will help determine the level of precision, symmetry, proportion, and balance you achieve with your breast augmentation.

Your initial consultation is very important in conveying your expectations to your surgeon and for your surgeon to describe what is possible with the procedure after having examined you.

How do you know what size breast implants to choose?

The first thing to be aware of?

Plastic surgeons do not deal with cup sizes as bra manufacturers do.

They work in cubic centilitres (cc), which is a more precise measurement. This, in turn, helps the final outcome to be more precise.

As a general guideline, 250 cc is the equivalent of one cup size.

Breast implant sizes usually range from about 125cc up to 1200cc. The width of the base varies from around 7.4cm to 17.2cm, so this affects size too.

To find out what size breast implant you need, you can start at home with the so-called “rice test”:

  1. Find a pair of old pantyhose and cut off a small strip from the leg section. Tie a small knot in one end.
  2. Fill the pantyhose with the amount of rice required to achieve the size of the breast implant you want and tie the top end.
  3. Repeat for the other breast and this will give you an idea of breast implant size.

During the consultation with our surgeon at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery, you will go through a more precise sizing process.

We use real silicone sizers to determine the actual breast implant size to be used in your breast augmentation procedure. You can place these inside your bra until you have found the size and shape you desire.

If in doubt, Dr. Lee will provide guidance as needed and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common breast implant size?

When you select your breast implant size, you must select the volume and shape that best suits your unique body and your goals.

However, the most common breast implant sizes are in the 300-500cc range. The 400cc implant is probably the single most common implant.

What is the smallest breast implant size?

Not every woman wants large and prominent breasts. Your choice may largely depend on your personality and lifestyle.

Small to moderate-size breast implants are perfect options for women seeking more natural-looking breast augmentation or those who value workouts at the gym, for instance (large breasts can impede exercise).

Breast implant sizes usually start at around 125cc, which is around half a cup size.

It is possible to get an 80cc breast implant but this is seldom requested, in truth.

What size implant is a DD cup?

Large implants can help you create DD cup breasts. These are normally in the range of 600-700cc.

However, implants go way beyond this to 1200cc. These would be too large for most women of average build.

Please consult our breast augmentation size chart above for more information.

Considering breast augmentation in Calgary?

Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery is here to help you achieve the body you want and to live with more confidence in your appearance.

If that means larger, more shapely breasts, then we have the experience and the skills to help you get there.

In consultation with our acclaimed cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Lee, we’ll help you select the right size and shape of breast implant and conduct the procedure so that you get as close as possible to your perfect outcome.

It starts with a simple consultation to express your expectations, raise any concerns you have, and to ask questions.

Book a consultation with Dr. Lee.