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Things Every Woman Considering Breast Augmentation Should Know

Breast Augmentation Facts 01

Breast augmentation is a huge step and a big decision for any woman to make. Each woman approaches breast augmentation surgery from a different standpoint and arrives at the surgeon’s office for different reasons.

Some women feel uncomfortable with their current breast size and they seek to boost their physical appearance and self-confidence.

Some women have uneven breasts, which make buying clothing and bras a hurdle. Other women have had breast cancer and look to cosmetic surgeons to help them feel whole and normal again.
Regardless of the reason for considering breast augmentation, there are certain things that you should know about this popular surgery.

Arrive with an Open Mind

You’ve made up your mind – you’re getting a breast augmentation, and you know exactly how you want it done.

You know the cup size you want, and you might even know the type of surgery you want to be done. No one can change your mind!

Before you get to the surgeon’s office for a consultation, you’ll want to open your mind to the possibility that the doctor will suggest ideas different from your own.

Your surgeon may have completed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of breast augmentations – he’ll know what size will look good on you, and how your skin will react to the treatment.

The role of your surgeon is to help guide you in making the best possible decision for your unique cosmetic goals.

Breasts Need Time to “Settle”

After the surgery is complete, you’ll need to be ready to take some time off to rest, relax, and heal. But even when the soreness wears off, your breasts can still take several months to “settle” after the procedure.

Your body reacts to your new physical changes – muscles and skin are stretched and the implants typically appear unnaturally high on the chest immediately after surgery.

Understand that it can frequently take several months for your breasts to “settle” and start taking on a normal and natural appearance.

Smoking Can Affect Scarring

Want to reduce scarring after the surgery?

Start by quitting smoking. It’s true that smoking will reduce the speed at which your body can heal from injuries, and it makes your skin more prone to infection and bad scarring. Try to quit smoking at least eight weeks prior to surgery for the best results.

Ruptures Are Rare, But Implants Aren’t Forever

Many women can be frightened off of breast augmentation by the myth that implants frequently burst, rupture, or otherwise “explode”.

This is not true – in 2014 alone, only 1% of breast implants were reported to rupture. Considering that thousands of breast augmentations occur annually, 1% is a very low chance of a mishap.

This does not mean that breast implants are imperious, however – there is always a possibility that you may require that your implants be replaced or revised in the future should there be any issues.