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5 Breast Augmentation Facts

Breast Surgery col

If you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s crucial to learn the facts before even thinking about scheduling a procedure.

A lot of hearsay and rumours have been passed around regarding this surgery, so it’s important to know the truth before scheduling an appointment.

Let’s discuss the five key facts you should know about this popular, yet under-discussed, augmentation.

  1. There are Different Implant Types

    There are two main types of breast implants that are used in Canada – silicone or saline.

    Choosing between these two can whittle down to personal preference.

    Some people stand by the idea that silicone and saline implants look different, and others say they look too similar to notice the difference.

    Discussing the differences during your consultation is a key part of making the decision between silicone and saline.

  2. Discovering the Right Size is a Process

    Many patients come into a consultation with a specific breast size in mind, but they may end up changing their mind once sitting down with a specialist.

    A doctor will ensure that patients are aware of what size breasts would look good on their body, and help keep them in line with realistic goals.

    You’ll be able to test out the feeling of different breast sizes during a consultation – “sizers” are various sized silicone implants that you’ll wear on your chest to simulate the weight and feel of future breast implants.

    These sizers help many patients choose the most appropriate implant size for their augmentation procedure.

  3. It is a Popular Procedure

    If you’re considering breast augmentation for yourself, you’re not alone!

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation was the top surgical procedure of 2014 in the US, followed up by nose reshaping and liposuction.

    Breast augmentation is performed for many reasons. While many patients simply want to improve their physical image and self-confidence, some patients are breast cancer survivors or are even transgender.

  4. Most Breast Augmentations have Minimal Scarring

    Most procedures take roughly an hour or two to complete and you are able to go home immediately after the procedure is complete.

    Moreover, the incisions are typically placed under the breast within the fold or along the border of the areola, making the scars barely perceptible and very well hidden once completely healed.

  5. Recovery Can Take Some Time

    Despite the process taking only one to two hours, breast augmentation is still a serious surgical operation. Everyone’s experience is different but most patients will experience some degree of pain, swelling and bruising following the surgery.

    Most patients will also need to avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least one month following the surgery. Be sure to discuss your healing process with your doctor before and after the procedure.

Knowing the facts about breast augmentation prior to your consultation can help prepare you for future decisions, avoid mishaps, and ensure that you make the best decision possible for your body and your lifestyle.